About me

Spanish multidisciplinary artist working in performance, movement and video. She holds a BA in Visual Arts and Dance (University Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid) and a MA in Theatre and Performing Arts (Complutense University, Madrid). As a dancer she worked for several companies in London while developing her research as a performance artist during residencies in Sweden (DOCH), Finland (ODH) or Germany (PReS) where she is currently doing a Postgraduate Residency Studios with the support of Acción Cultural Española (AC/E).

Her aim is to keep growing as a visual artist and performer combining video and live performance in her work to explore human values in an age of commodity culture. Her recent works look into the desperation of our capitalist reality and its global impact: using models of food, and bodies, as metaphors for mass-consumption and objectification.

Artist Statement 

The combined forces of globalisation, commodification of dominant (western) cultures has become a problem from the perspective of identity. As a European citizen, this topic is persistently influencing my work since the beginning of my career as an artist. In my recent work I explore the impact cultural appropriation has nowadays using the food as a medium to visualize how western cultures has narrow the cuisine or the history of a country to a simple menu. Currently I am moving my research forward, linking this objectification of food to the human body and its commercial purposes to highlight the conflict between mass consumption and normative thinness demanded by these big capitalistic systems.

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